If you have a family member or loved one who is reaching a point where they cannot manage their own affairs, a guardianship (or conservatorship) are tools that can be used to appoint someone to help that person with their decisions. These tools can help you transfer control of financial or medical decisions to yourself or someone that is able to look out for the interest of your loved ones.

In other instances a guardianship might be appropriate for a young child without a parent or other adult who can safely take care of them.  A guardianship is often a good option in many cases where a parent or responsible person needs some extra help so they can get well again. A guardianship offers that help and also allows a person to help a child out while it is needed.

This step is never easy for the family or the loved one and The Firm can help safeguard the protected person and provide guidance through this often stressful process. Call the Firm to get answers and advice on whether a guardianship or conservatorship is right for you.