The Wood Law Firm can help guide you in figuring out what child support amount is fair and how the computer in Oregon calculates it.  It does not matter if you are the one paying support or the one receiving support, The Firm has experience in representing both sides. Every party’s income and job prospects should always be examined when determining the award.

Support in Oregon is usually calculated by a formula that takes into account many aspects of the child’s life including overnights, the parents income, child care costs, health insurance costs and other children.  The Firm will help you to understand how each of these affects the support amount you are awarded or ordered to pay.

The Firm can also help with modifications on support payments and can determine if a modification is appropriate or would be ordered by the court:

  • The amount of overnights each parent has the child
  • The amount of money each parent makes
  • Child care costs
  • Health insurance and its availability
  • Support payments for other children